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Welcome to the Ase 'Aeolus' Wiki!
ASE ‘Aeolus’ is the association for students of the European Wind Energy Master and this wiki exists to help the students for everything that concerns the master and the life in every university they are going to be.

Disclaimer: This wiki is meant to be filled out and used by EWEM students as inspiration. It is by no means leading when it comes to the official program of the master. Always prioritize the official information channels and when in doubt check with the program coordinator and the track representatives before counting on any information.

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How to edit the Wiki?[]

You do not need to create a FANDOM account in order to edit the wiki. If you want to add any information for everyone just go to the relevant page - if you have any doubt, send an email to - and click on the yellow button "Edit".

If you think that your information does not fit in any part already created, create a new part with a title as general as possible.

Once you added your information, click on "Save changes" and explain in the pop-up window what you did.

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Thank you for your civility!

Why study EWEM?[]


Study at the top wind energy engineering universities in Europe! EWEM - European Wind Energy Master-0

What is EWEM and why do people want to study it?

Introduction week at EWEM[]

Discover the DTU introduction week in 2019


Discover the EWEM Introduction week 2019 by fellow EWEM students-0